Upload your logo & site icon

Go to Appearance > Editor > Click to the right of the screen (where you see your home page)

Click to the Site-logo block to upload your logo. You will see the options for site-icon:

  • Default: WordPress will use the logo for the site-icon
  • If you want to use different image for the site-icon, just click to the link in the text and follow the instructions

Configure the top news

Suppose you want to manually set the three news on the top, following these steps:

Select the Query Loop block, set the option STICKY POSTS to Only. By doing this, the Query Loop display the sticky posts only.

Which post you want to display, just set it to sticky

But be careful, the default value of option STICKY POSTS in Query Loop block is Include, therefore the sticky posts you set may be displayed on top of other posts. So remember to set value of the option to Exclude in the query blocks that you want them to display normally.